Allow myself, to introduce myself;

Name: Thai Le
Nicknamed: Water Avatar/Water Bender
Language: English and very slowly learning Spanish(Latin America)/Vietnamese
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Gaming, Olympic lifting

Haiiiiiiiiii, uhhhhh yeah.....there is no goofballery that doesn't get captured by my photographer friends as we travel all over.....sigh. Photo to the right (or down below on mobile) is me posing for my models 😅🤪.

I'm a traveling fitness and boudoir photographer/videographer based out of Las Vegas. 

I started photography just as a hobby to learn how to not suck at taking photos on my phone when I travel or go places. After a bit now, I still suck at taking photos on my phone, but people say I've gotten pretty decent with my camera!

For the serious stuff.   I LOVE lights, lights allows me to highlight all the hard work that fitness athletes that have spent so much time and effort for.  They allow me to shoot any time of day, sun or no sun.  It gives me complete control of the shoot to get the photos that I want and make them muscles pop!   I also am addicted to the beauty of the body and always looking for ways to portray it as beautiful as possible.  The lines and curves are great, if you are a 2 out of 10 on the flexibility scale, I'll be able to help make it look like you are an 8 or higher.

I'm super OCD....Or maybe just a super perfectionist, same difference either way.   Between lights and posing, I'm going to get your physique to pop the best possible way.

Aaaannnd Random TikTok profile


You've been tirelessly busting your🍑, eating chicken & sour cream and other bits of cardboard for daaaaaaaays. Now it's time to show off them muscles!  


More show off them muscles!  Except with gym clothes on......At least some?  We're basically going to do a full body workout.'re basically going to do a full body workout.  I'm going to watch and take photos of you looking like a beast.


Feed the Water Avatar movement and get some amazing rain shoots done.  Used to only be available in Los Angeles, but now available to shoot anywhere in the country at almost any house or garage too! 


Most the time women want some photos for themselves to make them feel good, confident, strong and out right beautiful in their skin, while some want photos for their special someone in their lives.  Either way, you'll feel incredible after these shoots.

Glitter/Tape/Messy Sticky Chocolate

Glitter art, bath, tape or.......chocolate?  It's messy.  You're going to have glitter in your ears or random places likely for weeks. and your coach is going to yell at you when she finds out you tried drinking the chocolate 🤦‍♂️.

Nude Art/Themed Concepts

I'm not a fan of nude just to be nude photos, but I love being able to find ways to showcase people's beauty.

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