Pre Shoot Discussion

When you decide you're ready to pull the trigger and create some great photos for yourself, we will discuss some things before the shoot so that we both have a clear picture of what is expected and what you are looking for.  Everyone is different, some people admire others in previous photos and want the same, and others have other ideas of what they view is sexy or makes them feel beautiful.  So we will cover this before hand and some as we go through the shoot.

Things to talk about:

Why are you shooting?  Could be anything from making yourself feel confident and good about yourself to wanting to get photos of your current prep of before/after competition or you are a fitness coach needing content to promote yourself.

Who are the images for?  Are they for yourself because you feel or want to feel amazing as said above, someone special or a business?  Each of these can be very different types of images.

Where will they be posted?  Social media/websites or intending for larger prints, etc...

What do you want the viewer to say when they see the images? 


Q:  Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

A:  Of course! 1 or 2 is definitely fine and encouraged if meeting ANY photographer for the first time!  As long as they are not talking a lot/interrupting the shoot.  I may ask them to hold a light or move things.  If you are a female, It's definitely best to have another female friend or significant other with you to help with oil or fine tuning things such as moving hair or parts of your outfit.   Also a good general thing to do on any new shoots to help you feel comfortable around a new photographer or be there to pull the plug if a photographer goes full creeper mode, or even partial creeper mode......nobody likes a creepy photographer.   

Q:  What if I'm really shy or not very confident? 

A:  That's actually no issue at all!  You might be surprised but a LOT of people come to these shoots very shy and limited confidence.  Every time so far (Knock on wood), they have all left feeling amazing like they've never felt so confident in their life.  It's very cool to see.

Q:   I don't know what to do in photos or how to portray what I am wanting to do, is this a problem and do you help with this?

A:  Absolutely not a problem and I certainly do!  I actually don't let models loose to do their own thing until after we're well warmed up into the shoot.  I have specific style that I like and people who book me like, so I am communicating constantly giving instructions on what to do.  All you have to worry about is breathing and having fun.  After you are used to how things work and feeling much more confident, we'll start to let you loose to create some epic fire to end the shoot!

Q:  Do I need to hire an MUA or get my hair did?

A: don't "have" to, if you can't afford it, you can't afford it, but if you are on this page, then you are likely looking for a bit higher quality photos than the average Joe.  Which means an MUA and Hair stylist is going to help your photos immensely.  I can't even stress that enough on how much of a difference it makes in the photos.  There is a difference with make-up for photos, make-up for stage and everyday make-up.  Each one has a very different effect.  The camera is typically not very nice in terms of making your skin look awesome.  It picks up every little detail that makes it appear dirty, even when completely clean, and may bring out unwanted details of things like wrinkles or eye bags when not using the correct make-up techniques.  It also helps my editing time and I SOOOOO appreciate it because I don't want to be spending hours per photo.

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